Switchback Cyclery: Propelling Community Brand Illustrations + Jersey

Studio // Projektor Brand Image

Medium // Silkscreen posters, vinyl banners, cycling jersey

Recognition // Featured on the Applied Arts blog and Riverside BIA site

Client // Switchback Cyclery: Switchback is a bicycle repair shop in Riverside that operates in conjunction with social initiatives to provide meaningful employment to marginalized people as well as to provide a needed commercial service in the area.

Target Audience

Primarily locals in Riverside most likely to walk by: young parents with disposable income, generally mothers age 25–35 with a trendy Queen East sensibility


The goal was to make the store feel like a more stylish destination as well as produce products both for in-store sale and for use as promotional items.


Posters were made by working with Riverside maps to depict iconic local buildings that would be recognized by the audience, and by observing local cyclists to create "typologies" to depict. The jersey designs were optimized by initially talking design out with a rep from the manufacturer.