YouTube Spaces Toronto Wall Art

Studio: Institute Without Boundaries

The opening of the space was broadly covered by local and national media.

Target Audience:

The target is the demographic of Toronto-based YouTube personalities and by extension their followers. While this target varies greatly in age and background, YouTube personalities and their content lean towards a younger audience.


YouTube Spaces are physical locations where YouTube hosts creator events and workshops, as well as studio and other support resources for creators above a certain follower threshold. Each YouTube space is localized to the city it occupies. In these spaces, the YouTube brand has considerable flexibility permitted to allow a better local fit.


The "Pixel Rocket" pattern was developed in response to the main question we identified when developing the look and feel of the space: what does a physical manifestation of YouTube in Toronto look like? This pattern is derived from the iconic visual of the Toronto streetcar, pushed into an abstraction similar to a video distortion pattern to reference digital video. These graphics were implemented in a way that created an "interruption" on the brick facade outside to give more of an impression that the space itself is an embodiment of video in a physical space. The custom furniture that the interior design team developed reinforces this aesthetic with the pixelated appearance of the modular YouTube Cubes. All images used with the permission of YouTube and Google Canada.