The Exchange Lab Rebrand: Icon Rollout

Target Audience:

Customers of the client’s marketing services


The Exchange Lab is a multinational marketing agency specializing in programmatic advertising. They use a fresh approach which leverages technology to reach customers across devices. The Exchange Lab underwent a rebrand which brought a fresher, more contemporary look to the brand. As part of the brand rollout, dozens of icon illustrations were needed to accompany company-branded media such as presentations, web content, and communications material.


The project began with a list of concepts that needed visualization. Through a process of collaborative discussion with the client, as well as creative development that provided options for more conceptually challenging items for the client to choose from. These icons needed to incorporate the brand palette and look and feel, as well as communicate their intent easily and at multiple scales for both print and different device screens, so it was important to set a consistent line weight and level of detail.