Studio: Juniper Park /TBWA
Creative Director: Nathalie Cusson
Copywriter: Sucheta Shankar

The Brief

Create agency-life themed valentines for the team at Juniper Park \TBWA to exchange.

USC Canada Royal Winter Fair Booth Informational Panels

Agency: Projektor Brand Image // CD: John Furneaux
Target Audience:

Attendees at the Royal Winter Fair: primarily families and people of a broad range of ages that are unacquainted with USC Canada's Seed Saver program and its importance.


To teach the target audience visiting the booth for USC Canada. The booth's goal is to teach visitors about the organization's Seed Saver program and its ecological importance with information and activities. This portion of the project was the informational panels, intended to show a variety of contextual information demonstrating the importance of seed saving.


The poster system involved panels of different sizes installed along rows of slats. Each level of informational hierarchy was mapped to its own style and scale, and designed to be layerable over other items so that they group together clearly by concept when assembled.