Religion Rehab Podcast Branding

Studio: Sam Bullis Design
Target Audience:

The Religion Rehab podcast targets a primary audience of young adults who have established new lives on their own terms after leaving behind religious fundamentalist backgrounds. They are mostly from Christian backgrounds, but not exclusively. They are irreverent about organized religion and may not have any religious faith anymore, or they may have some spiritual beliefs they practice on their own terms. They feel like outsiders and rebels in their communities.


Religion Rehab is a comedy podcast that uses humour to explore the complex formative experiences and mental health impacts of growing up in evangelical or similarly highly-adherent religious Christian communities. The hosts are formerly strongly adherent Christians, but now live more hedonistic millennial lives and have forged their own paths outside of those communities. With this podcast, they reach out to their fellow ex-religious (or religious but ex-evangelical) outcasts to build a new community. The brand needs to visually reflect the "edgy" quality of the content, as well as some element of the hosts' dark sense of humour. It needs to help listeners process their challenging formative experiences while still revelling in their newfound freedom.


The logo was developed through an initial round of market and visual research, and then launched into development of the brand and associated collateral. Design began with an assessment of who the brand targeted, where it would live, and what its competitors were doing. Then, work moved to development of two design directions: occult visuals and traditional tattoo style visuals. You can see a PDF of this work and further rationale above. The design direction ultimately became a direct visualization of the title concept, using a modified caduceus symbol with a cross in the centre and an occult eye above. The extended branding carries through this fusion of occult and medical imagery, but maintains a minimal execution to maintain clear digital legibility and a sleek, millennial appeal. The advertising and promotional elements of the brand are identified by witty copywriting that reflects the dark sense of humour of the hosts.