Religion Rehab Podcast Brand

Religion Rehab is a comedic confessional podcast that uses humour to explore the complex formative experiences and mental health impacts of growing up in evangelical Christian communities.

The hosts are former adherents that are forging their own paths outside of those communities. With this podcast, they reach out to their fellow ex-religious (or religious but ex-evangelical) outcasts to build a new community.

The brand needed to visually reflect the edgy quality of their confessional content, as well as the hosts’ dark sense of humour.

Using a modified caduceus symbol with a cross in the centre and an occult eye above, these ideas of the sacred and profane are unified. The extended branding carries through this fusion of occult and medical imagery, applied with bold colour and line and witty copywriting.

The logo was developed through an initial round competitive and visual research, and then launched into development of the brand and associated collateral. You can check out a PDF of process work here.

Sam Bullis Design

Religion Rehab