Lucy Lu Photography Brand

Studio: Sam Bullis Design
Target Audience:

Lucy Lu is a talented photographer with a breadth of skills. She works primarily with portraiture and documentary/journalistic photography. Her audience are clients seeking excellence in insightful images of moments of real life.


To appeal to her target market, Lucy's brand needed to express artistry while still sending a clear message of professionalism and gravitas. Because her work prioritizes realism, it was important to create a logo that was simple and adaptable to ensure its application doesn't overpowers photographs when they appear together.


The logo was developed through the conventional process of moodboarding to establish the correct tone, and then refinement through several rounds of options and revisions. The final mark uses her initials, pushed to a near-abstracted mark with a natural flow that resembles the curves of handwriting. This element rest off-centre within its holding shape, the suggestion of a camera lens. This shape and its placement use simplicity and thin lines to convey her creativity and distinctive approach to photography while still maintaining the formality and minimalism the brief required. The logo was also designed in two orientations to allow greater flexibility of use in different formats, then rolled out to stationery and web.