Knix Wear Illustrations

Studio: Sam Bullis Design
Target Audience:

The target audience are the diverse women that purchase Knix products. They are all ages, all ethnicities, and all body types. That's why they love Knix!


Knix is an underwear and bra company that prioritizes body positivity, comfort, and pragmatism. They create products for real women that need support while being everyday heroes at home, at work, and at the gym. Their brand welcomes everyone, and puts their money where their mouth is with honest talk about how real bodies look and photoshoots with unairbrushed models of all sizes, ages, and skin tones. These illustrations accompanied a set of data collected to promote the launch of their Catalyst bra. Diverse depiction of women was key to expressing the brand, and a simple style adhering to a limited brand palette was needed.


Because the client needed figures rendered in a simple style that stuck to their basic palette, the diversity of the figures is shown through varied breast sizes, body weights, heights, and hair textures/styles. These variations allow even these simple figures to communicate a collection of women from a range of backgrounds. For this number of figures, I developed efficiencies in approval and rollout to ease the process. I started with a single woman to get approval on style. Once that was approved, I derived two additional body weights from that figure and several different head styles. These elements were then "mixed and matched" as we worked through the illustrations, and adapted to suit their environments. By developing figures this way with a body "kit," they were illustrated with consistency and efficiency while still allowing me to quickly populate a diverse group.