EPM Brand

EPM is a cannabis science company that holds the exclusive formulation for a stable synthetic cannabinoid molecule, discovered by legendary cannabis scientist Raphael Mechoulam.

The brief was to develop an identity expressing the idea of “unlocking potential” within molecular science, as their breakthrough has done. The approach was to use a bright, optimistic hexagon breaking free from a structured enclosure, evoking a molecular structure both in the hexagon itself and in the structure of the enclosure. Hexagons and the derivative pattern form the core of the extended brand pattern and applications.

After developing the identity, I took on a large art direction role as the brand was launched. The official unveiling was held at the 2019 CannMed conference, where EPM’s extraordinary new cannabis technology was unveiled to the industry for the first time. This consisted of dozens of elements of spatial collateral, an interactive installation.

It also included a dedicated launch film that told the story of EPM and Mechoulam’s discovery with animation. I both illustrated the style frames and art directed the animation work.

Le Parc @ Juniper Park \TBWA

Creative Director
Nathalie Cusson

Olivier Jean

Dave Savoie & Ryan Hanson